Extending reach through geographic or category expansion

Moving into new territories and categories is a radical strategy that can create major potential for incremental business growth. To succeed, it requires a precise understanding of market dynamics, consumer behaviour and the competitive landscape of the specific markets that you target. This is precisely what the Kantar TNS global network delivers.

With experts in all key markets and research solutions that have been proven globally, we are perfectly equipped to provide our clients with the in-depth local and sector insight that they need to unlock new avenues for growth in markets worldwide.

How we’ve helped our clients

Identifying growth opportunities in new markets

ConversionModel, Brand & Communication

The challenge

A major European network operator needed to evaluate which new markets would provide the greatest opportunities for expansion.

Our approach

We used ConversionModel to analyse consumers’ needs and assess their commitment to incumbent brands across a range of different countries.

The insight

We identified the most promising markets, with the largest number of people open to changing their current provider.


The client launched a new operator brand into the two most promising markets, achieving more than 10 per cent penetration within the first 18 months.