Tackling inconsistent brand experiences

As people increasingly become connected, brands have a greater opportunity to reach them, but marketers are facing a greater risk of delivering an inconsistent brand experience Read the full article

January 2017

Winning the second wave: the key to online video success

It's not just top-tier influencers marketers need to target. Second wave influencers hold the key to sustained engagement Read More

July 2016 | Digital

How FMCG brands will win in grocery’s eCommerce boom

Grocery shopping is the next big eCommerce growth story – but do brands have the right strategy to compete online? Read more

June 2016

Why going viral is not enough: the shape of effective social media campaigns

What do effective social media campaigns look like? Marketers have become accustomed to measuring impressions, likes, retweets, shares as a measure of success. But what impact does this generate for brands in the long-term? Read more

May 2016

How to fill Big Data’s black holes

The touchpoints revolution has created a big bang of rapidly emerging new data sources – but between these points of light, it’s also created black holes in our understanding that only a re-engineered approach to research can fill. Read more

May 2016

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Published: 26/06/2018 Two decades ago, mobile connectivity enabled underserved populations in emerging markets to leapfrog their way past the non-existent landline infrastructure. More recently, mCommerce has enabled financial inclusion for...

July 2018

Published: 21/05/2018 Digital ad spend continues to rise, and is forecast to top $203bn in 2018 (GroupM, 2017). Yet despite continuing growth, many senior marketers from the most valuable global brands lack confidence in digital advertising...

May 2018

Published: 30/04/2018 China’s automotive industry, for so long a follower of the established global manufacturers, is now pulling alongside and preparing to overtake. Such is their rate of progress it might not be long until they are...

May 2018

Published: 15/04/2018 Over the past decade, social media have opened up a world of connection, allowing people to communicate, share ideas, activities, events, play games, listen to music and more. So it’s not surprising that this ecosystem...

April 2018

E-commerce grocery market has grown 30%   Sales of groceries through e-commerce platforms grew by 30% in the 12 months to March 2017, according to a new report by Kantar Worldpanel. Stéphane Roger, Global Shopper and Retail Director at...

March 2018

Brands are increasing their spend on social media, but are facing greater challenges to create deeper relationships with people. As people demand seamless integration between user generated and branded content, platforms are putting...

March 2018

Published: 19/01/2018 Connected car tech is clever stuff, but are auto brands forgetting one fundamental element in their quest for competitive advantage: the driver? Demonstrating real-world relevance is a basic step many manufacturers...

February 2018

Published: 16/01/2018 Like it or not, our data is being harvested all the time and used to ‘personalise’ our online experience. Increasingly people are wary and are asking more and more questions about how their data is being used: and what...

February 2018

Connected cars. Disconnected owners. Auto brands invest billions in developing connected car features in an attempt to gain competitive advantage. But is this money well spent? How engaged are connected car owners? Our latest Connected Car...

January 2018

Published: 04/12/2017 We invite brands into our lives to provide the products and services we need. And in this connected, switched-on world, we expect them to be available to us whenever and wherever we want. Yet this creates tension:...

December 2017
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